District Documents

Welcome to the Pattonville Online Documentation Website
This site contains electronic versions of district documents such as school handbooks and behavior guides, district curriculum, and district calendars. These documents are in the Portable Documents Format or PDF. A PDF viewer such as Adobe's free Acrobat Reader is required to view them. Acrobat Reader is already installed on many computers by default. If it is not already installed on your computer, it can be obtained by clicking here.
Governing Policies and Procedures
Pattonville School District Policies and Procedures
Pattonville's Curriculum and Assessment
Curriculum Information
District Assessment Plan
Academic Programs
Bridgeway Elementary School Handbook 2022-2023
Drummond Elementary School Handbook 2022-2023
Early Childhood Handbook 2022-2023
High School Course Guide
High School A+ Website
High School Behavior Guide, Student Handbook and Planner 2022-2023
High School Community Service Website
Holman Middle School Handbook 2022-2023
Parkwood Elementary School Handbook 2022-2023
Pattonville Heights Middle School Handbook 2022-2023
Remington Traditional School Handbook 2022-2023
Rose Acres Elementary School Handbook 2022-2023
Willow Brook Elementary School Handbook 2022-2023
Behavior Guides
K-8 Behavior Guide 2022-2023
High School Behavior Guide, Student Handbook and Planner 2022-2023